Misuhrobir Trimmer For Men | Hair Trimmer For Men | Golden Trimmer Fully Waterproof Trimmer 180 min Runtime 4 Length Settings(Gold)

Price : INR 1199

This hair clipper is equipped with a titanium metal cutting head, which can maintain sharpness and will not get stuck during hair cutting. The curved edge design of the cutting head can prevent skin damage during hair cutting. The metal cutting head can be removed separately to wash and clean easily. The accessory comes with 4 different lengths of guide combs (1.5/2/3/4mm), you can adjust the trimming distance easily by attaching different guide combs at any time. It’s built-in a 1200 mAh lithium battery, supports universal USB charging, and can be used for 120 minutes after fully charged, providing you with a perfect haircut experience. The whole body design is light and handy, and the one-button switch button is suitable for you to travel or use at home. Metal body shell with anti-skid and cordless design, no need to worry about the problem of power cord winding when cutting hair at various angles.
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