Meet Vikram Sethi : A Social Worker from Delhi working selflessly for Labour class

vikram sethi

A social worker who hails from Delhi, Vikram sethi has captured the hearts of many by his kindness to people in need during the Coronavirus pandemic. In recognition of his desire to help those in needs, Vikram Sethi was able to confer the honour of the growth of the people around him his own. The man has the potential to be a change-maker and lift people out of the most vulnerable sections of society.

To succeed, it’s crucial to be a person who is passionate about their work. Doing something you are passionate about can help in making the business profitable. Vikram offers anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, as well as face masks.

In the midst of the deadly pandemic, Vikram Sethi has been doing his best to help others, often exceeding his capabilities even. In proving to be a godsend for humanity and their needs, the social worker assisted people by providing gas, oxygen masks, milk, and sanitizers throughout the peak in Covid-19 within Delhi in Delhi and Noida. With the help of his community, some NGO’s and his own money, he assisted many and is still providing his acts of helping the community. But, he is not working for any agency or non-governmental organizations. In addition, Virkam sethi has been continuously working with different health professionals and social activists within and around in the capital city Delhi for ensuring a consistent provision of water and food to those in need.

To reach the most people, he created a ration program for the poor. For those who were relocating to their home towns during the lockdown Vikram Sethi, along with the team arranged for the supply of ration kits and water that would keep them nourished throughout the entire trip. In the Coronavirus lockdown that was affecting the entire city Vikram Sethi made sure that water and food items were available to the most individuals. He also joined forces with local groups and created lists of households where employees who earned a living were which led to them receiving food and health kits.

There was a quote that read, “What you do makes an impact and you must decide on the kind of impact you’d like to create.” Vikram sethi has amazingly proved the value of this. Social worker Vikram sethi took on his own the responsibility of providing education to many youngsters living in the slums in the capital city Delhi. He has always worked in his quest to provide education to the most disadvantaged groups of society.

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